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Detail of The Fox and the Lyrebird, designed by Tasmin Vivian-Williams and Tonielle Dempers, 2023, woven by Caroline Tully. Photo: Marie-Luise Skibbe

Propositions: Tapestry Design

Prize For Architects 2023

ATW Touring Exhibition


Free Entry


Saturday 22nd June - Sunday 6th October 2024


10.00am - 4.00pm


Ararat Gallery TAMA



Since 2015, the Tapestry Design Prize for Architects (TDPA) has fostered exciting new creative dialogues between architects and tapestry weavers.

In 2023, architects were challenged to design a tapestry for Kerstin Thompson Architect’s Bundanon Art Museum.

Showcasing the resulting ten finalist’s designs, sections of these were woven as large format studies by weavers from the Australian Tapestry Workshop (ATW). Leonie Bessant, Chris Cochius, Amy Cornall, Saffron Gordon, Tim Gresham, Pamela Joyce, David Pearce, Emma Sulzer and Caroline Tully all responded individually to a section of each design that inspired or intrigued them. These Propositions provide a glimpse into the potential for these designs’ to be realised as large-scale tapestries.

These designs and the resulting woven studies are a snapshot into contemporary thinking on tapestry’s ability to enhance architectural spaces; they celebrate the artistry and technical skills of ATW weavers and the creative and innovative possibilities available to architects, artists, and designers.

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